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About Farm Dekho

Enjoying the weather, listening to birdsong and catching a vestige of freshly cut grass, the sounds and smells of nature are enhanced in the countryside and they force you to take notice and live in the moment. Everyone dreams of living such a luxurious and soothing life. Every person works hard to achieve such dreams of experiencing the beauty of nature.

Chase your house of dream

Such a dreams can be fulfilled by smartly investing on a right deal. Money invested on such deals will proof to be a better asset for the lifetime as compared to others such as investing on small plots in the city. GREEN BEAUTY FARM HOUSES brings you lavish and beautiful farmhouses situated near the Noida Expressway with some unique benefits and aspects of high desert living. The peace around these farmhouses help to bring the hectic life to a gentle halt and remind them not to rush life away. Availing the beauty of farm houses with sprawling party lawns, swimming pool, club house, cricket ground and jogging track with roadside plantations individually fenced. 24x7 Security and Maintenance staff and services like water harvesting system and government electricity readily facilitated. Many other services and amenities available to give a perfect feel of a long-time belongingness with the land.